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Event Brief

Additive Manufacturing (AM), or Direct Manufacturing, also popularly known as 3-D printing, has promises to become the leading edge manufacturing technology today. While the technology is matured for polymeric materials, manufacturing of metallic parts are in the developmental phase, especially for structural components.

Because of its distinct advantages over conventional manufacturing, AM has become a world-wide phenomenon. This training course is designed to help understand the principles of the technology, its applications in various industries, and methodologies for product design, testing, and qualification in order to take full advantage of this emerging technology. This course will also discuss basic requirements for implementation, technological and economic impacts, and opportunities for further development in materials, processing, and products for specific industries. In addition, this course will discuss emerging trends in the AM industry with new developments in past year.

The course is divided in two parts, one for decision makers focusing on the applications and economic implications for implementing the AM technology. The second part focuses on design, manufacturing, testing, qualification, and certification aspects for successful implementation of AM technologies.

Course Objective

• Learn why and how to set up an AM operation
• Learn about current trends, emerging methods, and future improvements in materials, processes, and product qualification
• Learn how to build cost models and estimate the time and cost of producing a part by AM processes
• Cite the array of materials available for each process and representative properties of the materials
• Understand the methodology and principles of design for AM
• Limitations of each process, defects, surface finish, microstructure, and dimensional control
• Understand AM application in replacement, legacy parts, and new unitized part design
• Obtain information on ASTM standards and certification and how it’s application to your AM activities
• Learn the testing, qualification and certification requirements and protocols for implementing of AM technologies.

Course Agenda

For more details on course agenda, please click here

Who Should Attend
Personnel • Managers, VPs of product development
• Manufacturing technology and innovation strategists
• Design Engineers
• Manufacturing engineers
• Product designers
• Research engineers
• Research scientists


• Defence
• Aerospace
• Medical Devices
• Automotive
• Electronics
• Building and Consumer Products
• Energy
Training Venue
To be updated
Contact Us

For more information about the event, please contact +65 8363 3065 or email marketing@k2binternational.com

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Funding Support Up to 50% of the Programme Fee

Participants can enjoy e2i funding support up to 50% of the programme fee, to which the following criteria must be satisfied:
- Participants shall be Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents

- Participants shall achieve at least 75% attendance for the programme

- Participants and/or the Company shall not receive any other funding from government sources in respect of the actual grant disbursed


Limited seats available.

What past delegates said about our past training courses?

The trainer is very knowledgeable and the materials was very well organized and delivered. We have gained a comprehensive understanding in radar system for radar application. Thanks a lot!.”

Senior Member of Technical Staff, DSO National Laboratories

Radar Systems Design and Engineering, July 2012


K2B International has a good selection of trainer. The trainer is knowledgeable and his presentation was clear.”

Research Engineer, Electronic Systems Division, DSO National Laboratories

Radar Systems Design and Engineering, July 2012


The course was well presented and the trainer showed good knowledge of topics.”

Senior Software Engineer, ST Aerospace

Radar Signal Processing 2010